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Termite Pest Control In Kandivali-:

Subterranean termites usually enter homes from the ground. The insects need soil to survive. They use mud to keep themselves moist. As such, they leave behind mud tubes when they move among food sources. In addition to mud tubes, their discarded wings are a sign of their presence. Subterranean termites can penetrate your home through cracks in foundations and plumbing.

Why Termite Control Services?-:

Drywood termites live where they eat – in wood. They are commonly identified by their fecal pellets, which are called frass. When they eat dry wood, they expunge frass out of the wood away from them. Frass can be smaller than rice grains. It can be found in piles on floors, windowsills, and beneath furniture. Drywood termites infestations can happen when infested furniture is brought into a house.

Post Construction Anti - Termite treatment In Kandivali-:

This treatment procedure includes ground nesting to the already constructed buildings. A main procedure of this post construction termite treatment includes keeping a constant check within the duration of the warranty period provided. This process mainly encompasses injecting the effective pesticide into the layer of the ground wooden flooring and filling up the crevices with white cement. This strong layer of chemicals provides the needed barrier for the termites making it impossible for them to traverse. The wooden doors, windows and flooring too are spewed with the chemicals and making it 100% termite proof.